Q: What is a “Patient Self Management” program?

A: In 2003, the Institute of Medicine defined self-management support as “the systematic provision of education and supportive interventions by health care staff to increase patients’ skills and confidence in managing their health problems, including regular assessment of progress and problems, goal setting, and problem-solving support.” Simply stated, a "Patient Self Management Program" provides you with education so that you become a more active part of your health care team. When you become more involved in your health care, the result is that you will be a healthier and more compliant patient!

Q: What programs does LPIHO currently offer?

A: LPIHO currently offers a Diabetes Patients Self-Management Program as well as a Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Program.

Q: What should I expect during my visits with my pharmacist coach?

A: Our programs are structured as follows:

Initial visit: Your Pharmacist coach will review the program guidelines, review your medical history, make sure you have functional medical equipment if needed (i.e. blood glucose monitor, home blood pressure monitor, etc.), and administer a knowledge exam. This exam is used only to see which areas you are strong in and which areas the pharmacist should spend more time providing education to you.

Visits 2-6 (diabetes) & 2-4 (cardiovascular):

  • Your pharmacist coach will educate you on various topics about your disease, including

      • Disease overview
      • Generally accepted standards of care (ADA, JNC7, ATP III, etc.)

      • General nutrition/healthy eating

      • Monitor use/monitoring

      • Medications/compliance/adherence counseling

      • Hypo-/hyperglycemia

      • Chronic complications/reducing risks

      • Smoking cessation

      • Exercise

      • Healthy coping/stress/depression

      • Review of guidelines/laboratory results/goal setting

      • Sexual health/erectile dysfunction

      • Sick day/travel/emergency preparedness

      • Problem solving

  • At the end of your monthly visits, before moving out to quarterly, your coach will administer a skills and a performance assessment to see how well you can apply everything that you have learned.

Ongoing visits (quarterly): Your pharmacist will continue to review all recent lab work with you to help you monitor your health as well as continue to monitor your clinical markers (such as blood pressure, weight, etc). You will continue to try and meet your program goals as well as set new goals on your way to optimal health!

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