Q: What is a “Patient Self Management” program?

A: In 2003, the Institute of Medicine defined self-management support as “the systematic provision of education and supportive interventions by health care staff to increase patients’ skills and confidence in managing their health problems, including regular assessment of progress and problems, goal setting, and problem-solving support.” Simply stated, a "Patient Self Management Program" provides education so that patients become a more active part of their health care team. When patients become more involved in their health care, the result is that patients will be healthier and more compliant!

Q: Why does the LPIHO program use pharmacists?

A: Pharmacists have been involved in diabetic education for many years. The Asheville Project clearly demonstrated that Pharmacists can have a significant positive effect on the health status of diabetic patients resulting in significant cost savings due to a decrease in complications.

Q: What qualifications/credentials do I need to have in order to be a coach for any of the LPIHO programs?


  • Completion/certification of one of the following:

  • Successful completion of a certificate training program in diabetes management (e.g. DMEducate), OR

  • Currently recognized as a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE), OR

  • Currently recognized as a Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist (BCPS) with experience in caring for people with diabetes, OR

  • Successful completion of the NISPC Diabetes Exam.

  • Liability Insurance for each pharmacist

  • $1,000,000 per occurrence

  • $3,000,000 in aggregate

  • Private consultation area

  • NPI (National Provider Identification Number)

  • Signed contract with LPIHO

  • Completed documentation training

  • Complete the Live Core Competency Training Program with one of LPIHO’s Coordinators or designees.

Q: I currently work for a chain/independent/hospital pharmacy. May I still be considered to become an LPIHO pharmacist?

A: Yes! You may contract independently with LPIHO. We encourage you to communicate this to your supervisor. In some cases, our pharmacists see their patients at their place of employment. LPIHO offers the following options for contract pharmacists:

  • Contract directly with LPIHO and see patients on your own time, outside of your current employment hours. In this scenario, LPIHO remits payment to you directly.

  • Your employer/pharmacy contracts with LPIHO, in which case you see patients on their (company) time. In this scenario, LPIHO remits payment to your employer.

Q: Do I receive additional training to understand the program structure?

A: Yes! In order to comply with program participation guidelines, you must receive training on our documentation system (LPIHOLink) as well as a live one-on-one or group training with one of the LPIHO Care Team members.

Q: How do I document my visits?

A: You will record your visits in our web-based, secure documentation system (LPIHOLink).

Q: Will I be responsible for enrolling my own patients?

A: No, LPIHO coordinates all enrollment activities for contracted employers. You will be contacted when a patient in your area is in need of a pharmacist coach.

Q: How many patients will be assigned to me?

A: It is your choice how many patients your schedule will allow you to accept. We encourage you to only accept a small number of patients in the beginning until you are comfortable with the time commitment required and the program structure.

Q: Where do I meet with my patients?

A: You have several options:

  • Some pharmacies have a private counseling area and may permit you to use this space for LPIHO patient visits

  • Some contracted employers allow patients to be seen at their workplace; if that is an option we will let you know

  • If none of the above are available, the LPIHO Care Team will work with you to find a location in your community that meets our privacy guidelines

Q: How often do I meet with my patients?

A: This is determined by which module your patient is enrolled in:

  • Diabetes: once a month for the first six months, then quarterly thereafter

  • Cardiovascular: once a month for the first four months, then quarterly thereafter

Q: What do I do if I cannot get a hold of my patient?

A: Our policy is to make 5 documented attempts to reach the patient. Then report the issue to your coordinator.

Q: Will the participant have to transfer their prescriptions or change which pharmacy they currently use?

A: No, the participants may continue to have their prescriptions filled at ANY pharmacy, including mail order pharmacies. No LPIHO pharmacist will attempt to persuade patients to have prescriptions filled at specific pharmacy other than within the employer’s network.

Q: Who contacts the physician to let them know the employee participant has enrolled?

A: Each LPIHO Pharmacist initiates the communication to the patient's Health Care Provider(s). A template of an introductory letter will be provided to you, which explains the program to the HCP.

Q: How often do I interact with the other members of the patient’s health care team?

A: LPIHO’s policy is that each coach communicates a summary of each visit to the appropriate members of the patient’s health care team as well as any recommendations regarding therapy or follow-up.

Q: How will I know if the program is successful?

A: LPIHO works with the contracted employers and their respective carriers to acquire both medical and prescription claims data annually to generate aggregated reports. LPIHO will also provide these reports to the pharmacist coaches.

Q: What happens if I need to discontinue my involvement in the program?

A: You may discontinue your involvement in the program at any time. We request as much notice as possible as well as your support in transitioning your patient(s) to the next coach.

Q: Do I receive reimbursement for my coaching time?

A: Yes. LPIHO invoices contracted employers based on your time documented in LPIHOLink. Once LPIHO receives remittance from the employers, payment is forwarded to either you or your employer, based on the contract option you selected.

Q: Does LPIHO hire pharmacists on a full or part-time basis?

A: Most of our pharmacists are contracted pharmacists. Should there be an employer group with enough enrollments to warrant a full or part-time position in a given location, LPIHO will consider this option.

Do you have questions or concerns that were not addressed here?

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